Welcome to DigitalFuture AG – The Agency for Business Transformation

True to the motto “Do what you preach”, our companies iProcess AG, iBridge GmbH and iConomy GmbH were consolidated into DigitalFuture AG in 2021, an Agency for Business Transformation, based in Lucerne (Switzerland).

These days businesses need to rethink their customer value propositions, business models, services, and business processes. The operalisation of new data-driven business models has already changed industrial sectors such as media and retail dramatically. Although in particular the digital transformation of businesses promises efficiency increases, product or service innovation, and competitiveness, the transformation process itself should not be underestimated.
Like every organisational initiative,  transforming businesses contains risks. For example, not every employee possesses the skills to adapt to a business  or business environment that is being digitally transformed, making it crucial to train employees accordingly, as they may be affected by the new virtual working environments created by digital transformation.

Let us look together into the future and take a critical discourse on how to shape it in the digitalisation age. Let us develop together innovative and society-friendly approaches and solutions for complex organisational transformations.

We look forward to collaborate with you and to the opportunity to contribute our expertise and experience and accompany your Chief Digital Officer, Chief Innovation Officer or Chief Information Officer.

Your trusted companion
Prof. Dr. Clemente Minonne, Founder