Open Innovation

Based on our founder’s expertise and experience in knowledge management, and in particular the management of collaborative knowledge networks (doctoral dissertation 2004-2008), in 2019 he invented and created iBridge, a global open innovation collaborative network that supports innovators, investors, startups, corporations, students, foundations and governmental institutions to turn projects and ideas into real innovation projects.

The term “Open Innovation” refers to the opening up of the innovation process of organisations and thus the active strategic use of the outside world to increase innovation potential. The open innovation concept describes the expedient use of knowledge entering and leaving the organisation, using internal and external marketing channels to generate innovations. The term “open innovation” originates from Henry Chesbrough (2003).

The open innovation process is linked to knowledge management across organisational boundaries. The core of open innovation networks is the ability to establish an ecosystem where individuals and organisations can enhance co-creation and enable the creation of value networks.

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